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Home Screen

Home screen.png

The character displayed on the home screen will move and change expressions. They will also talk when you tap them.

New backgrounds can be obtained throughout the game.


Story 01.png

Story mode is divided into three parts.


This is the typical visual novel-style story mode. All characters are animated with Live2D and the main story is fully voiced.


This is a rhythm minigame where you tap the notes to the music. There will be conversations between characters, and the enemies and songs will differ by story.


During the battles, determine the enemy's weakness and select which character's magic to use.


You can have the students take lessons. There are three types of lessons which each increase different stats: History of Magic, Alchemy, and Flight.


Tests consist of a battle to ascertain your skills as a mage. There are multiple tests to choose from, and your score in the battle will determine your rank. Higher ranks get more rewards.